Monday, February 20, 2006

Helen's Visit to New Orleans

My girl Helen (the girlfriend of the guy whose place I am staying, Mike Woods- both docs) came to visit. Well, she was here to more than just visit, but to interview with a hospital here and I think it went very well! Who wouldn't love to have Helen work for them-- not only is she super smart, but she is beautiful and fun to hang around with. It's hard to find someone who encompasses all of that-- oh, and she's asian so you know she rocks.

She was only down for less than 48 hours and I missed a few hours as I landed (coming back from Cali) a few hours later than when she arrived, but she came with Rose and Nate to pick me up from the airport and we got to catch up a lot that Thursday night. The next day, she had many interviews and I had to work- but after a long day, we got ready and started at this new wine bar,Sip, that opened up on Magazine, very close to where Mike lives (and where she will live too when they move back to New Orleans). So we walked over there for some wine and good times. After a couple of glasses, we went to go eat at the Melting Pot, a fondue restaurant.

We ate and drank for nearly 4 hours - just me, Rose and Helen. It was so good to see Helen and I hope that I get to see her maybe around Jazz Fest... since I will be gone when she moves back to the city. Good times, good friends... you couldn't ask for more.