Sunday, February 05, 2006

Hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados.... oh my!

This has been a very eventful week for me which all started with the phone call on Monday from Randi, telling me that she had to break our contract and couldn't get the financing to buy our house. So, where do I go from there?

Well, all week the weather forecasters were saying that there was going to be some heavy rain mid-week and for once they were right. On Wednesday night, around midnight, it seemed as though we were having another hurricane come our way. The house shook, the rain was beating against the window, I could hear cats shrieking outside of the window... not a restful night to say the least.

When I woke up the next morning, every news channel were doing updates on the severe weather we had the night before and much to my surprise- it was much, much worse than I thought. 30,000 homes went without power, a wall in one of the concourses at the airport collapsed, a tower fell over near the Westend exit which caused all kinds of traffic jams, a theatre burned to the ground because of an electrical fire... and that wasn't even the worst of it-- 3 tornados touched down in New Orleans!

I couldn't believe it-- in the last 5 months, we have had 2 hurricanes come through, an earthquake in Dec/Jan and now 3 tornados in one night! It is completely unheard of to have tornados touch down in the city, but it happened on Wednesday night. Basically, we got kicked when we were down- yeah, we got served. So now after we have taken little, tiny baby steps forward in this city, it seemed like we just took a huge one back.

I really don't know how I feel about the rebuild of the city- not that I don't want to rebuild because I love this city dearly- but the time it will take. They say 3-5 years, but I think it will take longer. I guess it will all depend on what happens this hurricane season.

Last night, I spoke with a friend of mine Heather who lives in Fountain Blue area and was planning on rebuilding right after the storm. She went in, gutted the house, has been diligent in getting paperwork processed, pressing the powers that be to get the checks cut, etc... and found out that her house has to be bull-dozed now. She is living in a FEMA trailer part time- but plans on waiting until after Hurricane season to rebuild. The more time that passes, the more you hear stories like this of people holding off to see what happens to our beloved city.

So besides the house, the tornedos-- the news around town is that here we are 2 weeks before carnival and the city announces that we just need a few more million dollars to throw this party. Could they not see this before? And if they did get the money- shouldn't we use it to help put people in trailers who are displaced and want to come back? I just don't get it.