Thursday, February 16, 2006

Me and Polly in Catalina

After the regulator test was over and everyone else had called it a day-- actually, a week-- to head back over to Long Beach on the Island Time, Polly and stayed at the Hotel Mac Rae on Wednesday night together, one last night before leaving Catalina. After the dive, we cleaned all of our gear and headed out for a walk to Casino Point to take some pictures and be there for the sunset. We first walked through the Catalina Museum and then walked all around the Casino, checking out the amazing structure, watching the boats out in the ocean and soaking in the scenic landscapes. It was a beautiful night, the coolest shades of blues and reds in the sky, the calming blue waters and the perfect breeze.

After walking around, we went to a small, local restaurant to get us Buffalo Milks -- ok, not really milk. It was more like a pina colado with different liquors, but frozen and topped off with whip cream! It was delicious.. then we had some shrimp and chips and after our quick meal, we headed back down to Casino Point. We were going to see the 7pm movie (the only movie actually)- and they were playing Last Holiday with Queen Latifah. It was a totally cute movie and Polly and I just cried during some parts... I know- we are such girls.

It was a really cool last day, enjoying the island, dinner and a movie and then a good nights sleep! Polly was awesome and walked me down to the dock at 7:30 in the AM... you rock Polly. I missed you already, even sitting on the boat waiting to depart off to the mainland. You're a great room mate and I can't wait for our next trip... hopefully to Dubai to see JD or back to the Philippines to do more diving and stay with my family there!

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Roger Jr said...

Wow- this sounds amazing, and great pics. If I wasn't so scared of water I'd love to go sometime (our little secret.)

*Glad to see you added a Flickr badge, yay!