Friday, February 10, 2006

Superbowl Party at Mary and Marks!

Its Sunday and Dena dropped me off at the Long Beach Airport where I met Jeff and Polly-- the three of us heading over to Catalina later in the day to meet everyone else so we can test some regs! Our first stop was Sports Chalet so I could get me some new scuba stuff since almost all of my stuff was ruined in the flood! It rubbed off on Polly because she ended up getting herself a new mask!

After running some errands, we headed over to Mary and Mark's house in Cosa Mesa for a SuperBowl Party! I must say that these people know how to throw a party! They had 3 TV's set up, a ton of snacks and real, baked cookies and brownies (not the store kind.. and they were sooo delicious) and anything you wanted to drink! This was my first time in their home which was completely adorable and I haven't seen Mary since she was my room mate in Bonaire for the FinTest for ScubaLab/Scuba Diving Magazine. She looked great and she can work the grill like no other. I got to meet a lot of their friends, who were super nice, friendly and warm. It was fun to have 4 fintesters reunite in almost a year. A good day was had by all and I wish we could have stayed longer... but we had to catch the Catalina Express Boat to the island- we had spots on the last boat of the day!

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