Friday, March 10, 2006

Darren and I at Fire, The Restaurant

Darren Brouillette. He is a very dear friend of mine since college, Loyola University. He and I were in Advertising together and I we bonded instantly and since then, even though we have been in and out of each other lives at really random times, he will be one of those friends that you will be close to no matter what. He has a super. genuine, caring heart and when I talk with Darren, he is like a counselor to me.

He has relocated to ATL post-katrina and I am so happy for him. He deserves the best and will do great anywhere he goes. I mean that. I plan on visiting him in ATL, but I'm trying to get him out to Cali- we'll see.

Darren- keep checking the blog to find out where I am and don't lose touch. I miss and love you so much!

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