Sunday, March 12, 2006

Last Day at Work.... at FIRE!

So after work... we all headed to a restaurant called Fire-- a very cool, California cuisine place with a very cool atmosphere. It used to be a firehouse and when they converted it to a restaurant, they kept a lot of the original walls, the huge "fire" doors and the poles the firemen slid down. The food rocks and the ambiance is a bonus. Above is a picture of Shannon, my awesome intern, and myself at Fire.

It was great to see everyone there and a lot of people came that I wasn't expecting to see. Thanks everyone for coming to my little shin dig to wish me well (and all the departing gifts too!). I am really going to miss you guys and I tear up as I write this because I feel so lucky to have met such wonderful people, in what was once such a wonderful place. I know New Orleans will come back one day to be that place again, but we all know how different it will be. I will never forget you guys and I'll be around for another month so I hope to have some one on one time with you before I leave. I know I won't be able to stay away for long... so there will be many, many visits every year!

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