Friday, March 10, 2006

Sabrina and I at Sip : New Orleans

Its been a while since I have seen Sabrina, who I used to work with at Its definitely been before the storm.. but I can't recall how long before that. My friend Sabrina has been displaced in Tennessee and has only been back a couple of times since Hurricane Katrina. Unfortunately, her husband Eric wasn't in town (they swapped this time) because they have two beautiful children, Hannah and Ethan, who were still back in Tennessee. Sabrina and Eric pretty much lost everything along with all of their family members who all lived a few miles apart (Chalmette). Through all of this, she has stayed really strong, both her and Eric, and currently they are trying to rebuild their home... and then figure out from there where they will go. Its amazing just how much damage this storm did-- and the worst is the emotional damage we are all suffering through. It helps to visit with friends like Sabrina to know that there are people going through this with you (if you want to find any silver lining at all-- there it is) and I am glad that we got to visit again before my time here in this city ends.

Sabrina is a wonderful artist and most recently, she is doing glass works and gave me a fleur de lis that she made and handcrafted herself. Her talent is amazing and you can find her pieces on magazine street-- at a shop next to Sip (I can't recall the name!) She also creates sites like the ones here : The best of luck to her and her family and keep in touch!