Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Monique's Big Day!

It was such a lovely night. There were hundreds of people there at the party held at her mom's house. Monique looked beautiful, the food was delicious and plentiful, the alcohol was flowing.... good times!

It was great to see some old friends I hadn't seen since before the hurricane. One in particular, Samantha, who Monique and I went to college with and who lives in Ft. Lauderdale now. I haven't seen Sam in sooo long and she looked fantastic- better than ever! She also announced that baby #2 was coming and I am really excited for her.

Here are some pictures from that night and I posted a few on my flickr account.Congratulations again Monique and sorry again about having to bail on our massages at Spa Aria.. but I want to take a rain check!