Saturday, May 20, 2006

Taking a break from the 10: Los Angeles

Shay and I made it to LA! We got here last night and the temperature dropped about 30 degrees from the desert.. it was so nice to get out of your car and not feel like you were in an oven! As a matter of fact, an hour later when the sun was going down we actually needed a light jacket. Ron and Emma's place was totally easy to get to from the 10 and traffic wasn't too bad on Friday at 4. But Emma told me that it was because everyone was going out of town, not in town, so we were lucky to miss that traffic that looked bumper to bumper.

Here is a shot I took last night when we got in before I crashed hard for about an hour. We all just hung out and watched the movie "Made" before going to San-Sui (awesome sushi place-best banana tempura, green tea ice-cream dessert) for dinner. Their place is so cute- definitely 70's style love shack meets ski lodge. I will take more pics soon and post on flickr so you guys can see. They scored on this place- lots of room, 2 AND a half baths in this place, double car garage, etc... But the best is being able to walk everywhere- to dinner, movies, bank, etc... I love this area!

Shay and I are getting on the road on Sunday. Today will be the day to laundry and re-pack for a little bit of colder weather as we head up to San Francisco! Yea-- we will be off the 10. Haven't decided whether we are taking the 5 or the 1, but we will keep you posted.


rosalyn said...

Whew! Glad y'all made it to LA safely! Miss and love you all!

Anonymous said...

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