Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Diving in Catalina: Testing Women's Gear

This past Sunday and Monday... I picked up Polly and Cathy at the airport who are friends of mine on the fintest team. Polly flew in from San Francisco and Cathy flew in from Washington DC. It was sooo great to see them again and dive together! We barely caught the boat at the Catalina Express downtown Longbeach but got there just in time to hop on the 4:15p boat. There was actually a film crew on board filming for the travel channel .. but we didn't make the cut!

We got to Catalina and much to our surprise ran into Vicki and Bruce (more fintesters) in the lobby of the Hotel MacRae. It was just like old times... we exchanged hugs and headed down to a mexican restaurant for something to eat. Afterwards, got some icecream and then called it a night since we had to be up bright and early to meet Brumm on the dock.

Monday- dive conditions we terrific. Viz could have been a little bit better- but the water, the weather, the company, having our dive bitch Bruce (sorry Bruce, had to do it) and everything else was perfect. The day seemd to last only 5 minutes.. yet, we tested almost 6 bc's that day and it was a ton of fun. I really wish we could have another fintest next year and I am crossing my fingers that it happens! Check out more photos!