Friday, June 30, 2006

Fri 6/23:Galapagos, Seymour Island

Today was our first day of real diving- we only have one dive scheduled for the day and then one land excursion on Seymour Island. The dive was really nice, we saw some cool groupers, starfish, a ton of different tropicals and some cool white tip sharks. There was a bunch of them hanging out in this cove and the picture you see above was taken by my friend CP-- I so need double strobes. It was a nice leisure dive and I really enjoyed it - I didnt' take too many pictures but had a nice time just drifting along the wall.

We then got dressed and got to make it onto land on Seymour Island. Here, we saw seals resting on land, a ton of different iguanas and a bunch of different birds-- blue footed boobies and the friggit birds. It was cool taking a tour around the island but the flies were so bad... they were all over me. Thank god I had a long sleeved windbreaker so I couldn't feel them. My favorite were the seals... they have such big brown eyes and look so sweet.

After the excursion, we got back on the boat and got ready to head to Darwin Island which was a 15 hour boat ride. Time to eat dinner and go straight to sleep- tomorrow is going to be a long day.