Saturday, June 10, 2006

Glendale: My cousin Antoinette

Wednesday night Ron and I went over to my cousin Antoinette's house for dinner. This is the first time I have seen her since visiting the Philippines where she was in 1986! So 20 years have gone by and this is our first time seeing each other since.

She looks great and is now married to a sweet and hilarious guy- Rex. They have an almost one year old baby girl, Rexanne, who is the cutest little girl you ever did see. They live in Glendale (closer to Pasedena) and the renovated this house they bought a couple of years ago and its amazing. Rex is a contractor so every fixture was carefully picked out and very unique. Every room has its own bathroom- literally every room, even the living room- and they picked out the coolest colors and furniture.

Its really quite amazing that Antoinette has been in the states only 5 years and has done so well for herself. She came over as a nurse and now its her, her sisters Marianne, Arlene and Anna who also live close by (2 of them are in Vegas). I am really happy for her and glad to be closer to her here, my brother and the rest of my cousins, aunts and uncles. Now I just have to get my mom and dad and sister Rachelle to move out here!


Anonymous said...

Oh my, Rexanne is the cutest baby I have ever seen (except for my children, I mean). I love her and love her name!! Bring her to N.O. for a weekend. XOXO, Cory

Roger Jr said...

Hey Riz- Rexanne's so adorable.

(Aside: Great shots, but I noticed that you took these indoors with no flash. To decrease the yellowness, set your white balance to tungsten/indoors. Lightbulbs give off yellow light, as you can see, tungsten offsets that with blue (in laymen's terms.) However, if you're shooting with a flash, make sure to remove the indoors white balance setting because flashes give off blue light, so the image can turn out really blue ;)