Sunday, June 11, 2006

In Century Heights with my new friend Vanessa

Well, I have no pics to post because I didn't bring my camera with me (I know, can you believe it!)- I left it in my car actually since Vanessa drove us around. Vanessa and I connected through a good friend of mine (and hers) -- Jay Heneghan. As you know I worked for and actually replaced Jay, the marketing director at the time and Vanessa used to work with Jay early on at Anyway, Vanessa's home is Los Angeles but had spent a good 8 years in New Orleans and has now relocated back to LA. Its funny the people you meet and how that happens sometimes.

I met her at her house (after getting lost in the hills for a bit- but got out of there safely) and she gave me a tour- it's really cute and reminds me of New Orleans homes with its hardwood floors and it is decorated with signs that say-" Be nice or Leave!" and all the other subtle touches of the Big Easy that made me feel right at home. It was our first time ever meeting but we hit it off and I have a feeling Vanessa and I will be life long friends. She has a spirit about her that is strong and since we had a lot of stuff in common-, New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina, etc.. I felt really comfortable with her and enjoyed being around her very much.

We ate lunch off Robertson street at a place called the Newsroom which was fantastic! Down the street are places like Earth Cafe and Kitson's- which you might read about in In Touch or Star (ha!). We sat there for hours and then moved down to the coffee shop and talked for even longer. After our day of touring around and walking into places where nothing was cheaper than like $700... we headed back to her house where I got to meet her husband Josh, who happened to be an Editor for the Times Picayune! He seems like a great guy too and we hit it off too- I know I'll have to come back one night just to swap stories because I know we have a lot of them to swap!

Thanks for the awesome day Vanessa and can't wait to see you again!


Anonymous said...

Hola Riza! I'm glad that you are finally out west and able to enjoy life again!

I know Vanessa and Josh from "old" and the T-P - I even introduced Josh (with the help of T-P horse racing guy Bob Fortus, of course) to the Fair Grounds, where after a few years, Josh wrote a feature piece on a local female jockey, Cherrelle Smith. I'm glad to read that they are re-settled out there with you and that things are OK with them as well. Tell them I say hi!

Anonymous said...

8-Track flashback! Hey Joe! I hope things are going well.

Riza, I had a fab time too. And it did NOT feel like our first meeting. I'm so happy you moved out here.

Next time we will have to kick it in Los Feliz.


Anonymous said...

So glad that you and Vanessa finally got to meet. You two crazy 'fugees are meant for each other! Just sorry that I'm going to miss all the fun out there in Lala town. Keep in touch and come visit Santa Fe!

P.S. Hey from me too, Joe!