Monday, June 12, 2006

Surprise Party for Rose!

We threw a surprise party for Rose last night for her farewell to New Orleans! I must say that I have NEVER seen someone soooo surprised! We got to Claudia's at 6:30ish and Rose thought we were going there for a dinner party for me (ha!) and it was supposed to be me, Rose, Claudia and Giulia. But Rose had no idea there was a party for her, much less the fact that Ron and Rach and our 3 nephews drove in from Pensacola to be there!

When we got there, Claudia met us at the door and everyone was hiding in the back room and they had the door closed. There were purses and keys strung all around the front room but neither Rose or I knew it. Claudia throught Rose would catch on that there was something going on (yeah, right). Even when we pulled up, I heard people out by the pool and the side of the house so I made up stuff to ask Rose out loud so they would hear us and get inside the house (which they did). Finally, we walked to the back of the house and Claudia opened the door and everyone was quiet as mice and yelled- Surprise! Rose was soooo shocked and surprised that she screamed it seemed for an hour. It was awesome and a good time was had by all.

We took a million pictures last night but here are a few-- one of the "kids"- sorry you weren't there Roger-- we missed you! and a couple of Cale and Jake in the pool. Cale did so good trying to do back flips in the water and both Jake and Cale swam for a couple of hours! it was a lot of fun!

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Roger Jr said...

Yeah man I totally wish I could have been there. If I had planned a little better, I could have done the "you know what" earlier (rhymes with designation), and then flown down with you. Yeah right- I have no money :(

Flips in swimming pools freak me out. You can never be far enough from the edge for me. Eek!