Friday, June 30, 2006

Thurs 6/22:Galapagos Islands: San Cristobal

We finally got to the Galapagos after a brief stop in Guanayil (sp). We had been traveling now for almost 2 days and were wiped out. But after leaving Quito, Ecuador this morning at 9:45a, we took an hour and a half flight to Guanayil and another 1.5 hours to San Cristobal- our final destination.

We took an inflatable to where our boat was docked and the crew was so great helping us get all of our luggage on the boat and settled in our rooms. We barely had to lift a finger. After we figured out where our rooms were, we got our dive gear set up for our first check out dive so we could figure out how much weight we needed, etc... I didn't take my camera down on this dive because I just wanted to get acclimated and man, I wish I had! We dove with a bunch of sea lions that were so playful and coming right up to us. Sometimes, they would try and bite our fins or would come really close and "bark" in our face. It was really funny but at times, they got too close for comfort.

We stayed down for over an hour and then got back on the boat to get ready for dinner and rest up for our day tomorrow. Plus, many of us were still tired from traveling so sleep was an order! The crew had a welcome cocktail for us before dinner and then after we ate, all of us crashed to get some sleep and get ready for our big week.