Monday, June 19, 2006

Zea's in New Orleans

On my last day in New Orleans on that Thursday, after my closing which didn't take very long, Rach and I met up with Claudia, Velvet and Cyndy at one of my favorite restaurants to eat in New Orleans- Zea's on St. Charles. It was delicious like always and this was Rachelle's first time there. It was sooo good to see these girls and it was starting to hit me how much I was going to miss my "favorite" places and my friends that I have made here in New Orleans. I will never say goodbye because I know that I will always be back and New Orleans will always be home to me. I hope that I can make great friends like back home in California. I just hope that you guys come visit me when I finally get settled, whenever that will be. But I know after I get back from the Galapagos and Peru, I need to get a j-o-b and get my own place. I have been living out of bags long enough. I know it will happen soon enough.