Sunday, July 02, 2006

Friday 6/30: Lima, Peru

We are staying in a pretty cool part of town called Mira Flora, where there are awesome restaurants and cafes in walking distance, as well as some awesome artisan markets. Today we had a pretty chill day. We got to sleep in until 10am which is the latest I have slept in forever. Rose and I shared a room, Roger and Michelle had a room across the hall and Cyndy stayed at a friends house across town tonight.

After taking my first really long, hot shower with actual water pressure since leaving the states, we took our time to get our laundry together and went downstairs for the continental breakfast which ended at 11am. We drank some coca tea and had some bread and fruit and then headed out to the Fast Wash on Bonia street, about a 5 minute walk. Before getting there, we stopped at the bank to exchange money since all we had were dollars. Everyone was really super nice and it was cool to be out walking around and exploring. We finally found the laundry place and thank god they would be able to have all of our stuff done before closing tonight since we were leaving at 4am the next day.

After running some errands, we met back up with Cyndy and we took a taxi into the historic part of town and its where she works and does her research. It was 4pm at this time and we went to Rustica's for a late lunch-- they had a buffet which was nice because we got to try a lot of good Peruvian cusine-- my favorite was the ceviche-it tasted much different than what I've had in the states. It seemed like we ate for 2 hours and all the while, we watched these music videos on the big screen and some were really cheesy, but it was hilarious. They brought out desert which was sweet rice and milk in one bowl and the next was stuff made from this purple corn and it had the consistency of jelly and looked like grape jelly and you sort of mixed the two together. I thought it was delicious.

We walked through town after to dinner since our stomachs were full before catching another taxi back to our hotel. It was a nice day and I need to get to bed since we have an early morning tomorrow. 4am. Yikes.

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