Saturday, July 08, 2006

Sat 7/8: Back in Cusco after trekking Machu Picchu

Just wanted to send a quick update to let you know I am back in Cusco, Peru after trekking the Salkantay Trail to Machu Picchu for the last 5 days (the picture above was taken after our tour of Machu Picchu yesterday). I wrote along the way, just now have to get it in my computer and get my pictures together (took over 800... go figure right?). We got back last night and were so exhausted but now have a free day to catch up on sleep, charge all of our electronics, shower, eat and rest more. When we leave on Monday to go to Iquitos, we will be staying in a hotel so hopefully I won't fall too far behind.

The trek was really hard (10 times harder than I expected) but it was an awesome experience and then finally making it to Machu Picchu on the 5th day made it all worth while. This has been the biggest accomplishment I have ever made other than running marathons. I can tell you that I definitely felt like I ran 10 marathons after this trek, but we all came back to 1 hour massages when we got back which was a nice treat.

I miss everyone and will be updating shortly- hopefully posting tonight.

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