Sunday, July 02, 2006

Tuesday, 6/27 : Galapagos : Cousin's Rock

Today we woke up to find ourselves at Cousin's Rock where we will make both morning dives before taking a tour of the different islands around here. On the first dive, we saw a sea horse, a huge marble ray and these massive groups of schooling fish. Once you swam into the school of fish, you definitely could lose your sense of direction, which was was up or down, at times I felt even a little clausterphobic. It was a cool feeling and this was definitely the largest school of fish I had ever seen. Then on my safety stop, I got to play with about 5 sea lions that were just circling me and the dive master and I got some great photos of them. We had another dive left for the day, but I decided to snorkel with Rose since she couldn't dive. Jr. took us in the inflatable boat to where they were diving and we snorkeled for over an hour with a ton of sea lions and galapagos sea lions (which are furry). They were so playful and we got some great photos and videao too.

After we got back to the boat and had lunch, we got back in our wetsuits to get ready to swim with penguins! There was a "dry" boat and a "wet" boat and the only ones that got in the water were me, Rose, CP and Jeff. The first couple of times we got in, the penguins were just too fast for us and we could never catch them. Finally, we caught up with them and got a couple of shots. After this dive, we were scheduled for another land excursion at 4:30. They took us to Bartolome Island and we walked up 360 stairs to the top of the volcano. It was such a beautiful view from the top and this is also the place where Master in Commander was shot. After the excursion. we went back for dinner and then the crew showed us a video presentation they put together from this past week. I can't believe that we only have one more day of diving and then we are heading back to Quito. Time has definitely flown by.

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