Monday, July 17, 2006

Wed 7/5- Salkantay Trail Day 3

Challway 2600 meters/Playa 2250 meters-terrain today was mostly downhill and killed my knees. Very rocky with lots of cliffs. We woke up at 4am today and started trekking at 430am to make up for lost time on day 2. We carried flashlights and followed on a single file line in the dark. It was pretty nerve racking because Rog and Rose's flashlights went dead so we were sharing light which made it even harder. Finally, our eyes adjusted and around 5:45am we were able to turn our flashlights off and continue trekking. The terrain changed from seeing snow peaked mountain tops and being really cold, to entering the jungle and seeing huge mountains covered with greenery and the temperature was definitely rising. We were shredding layers every 10 minutes it seemed.We got to a bridge and it was closed off and we werent sure if we could cross it or if we had to go around and Rodrigo, who was guiding us told us that we should go around the bridge, so we had to make our own path and cross all these little rivers to get back to the main path.
Since we needed to make up for yesterday, we had to go fast (it seemed like we were literally racing) and I had a blister I felt coming on. Finally, I had to stop to but some mold skin on, which really didn't help too much. At 9AM we made it to Collyapampa (2400 meters) hot springs owned by Ceasar's friend Atermistanio, who we actually ran into on the trek and met. In this picture you can see the springs with a little water fall coming down into the spring and we had to cross that little bridge to get to it and then climb down some big rocks which you can't really see in the picture. It was beautiful and we all got in our bathing suits and went for a dip in the hot spring. This was the first time in 3 days that I got to wash my hair... it was really refreshing. After our dip and almost 5 hours of trekking, it was reaching 10am and we finally sat down for breakast.. I was starving. We got to rest for a little while after and we all had a chance to take care of our blisters, etc... before trekking on. We left there and trekked for another 3 hours until we finally made it to a break. Ceasar checked our time and we were ahead of schedule at this point! We stopped at our place where we were supposed to eat lunch but Ben and Ed trekked further ahead and didn't know they were supposed to stop here. So we trekked for another 2 hours- and although it was long..he told us we would be done for the day so we agreed to continue on. On the trek, Ceasar pointed out trees where it looked like there were red berries but it was actually coffee beans. You have to peel back 2 layers to get to the bean. Then we came upon a house where a woman was drying the beans out to sell. She was also selling advocados (and the best advocados ever are in South America!) for 1 sole, which is about 30 cents. He also pointed out these huge rocks of silver that were really cool.
When we got there, Ceasar said some of us could go swimming in the river but it didn't look too enticing and it was really cold. My feet were killing me so I opted to take a nap before dinner. There was another trekking group there at our camp site so it was a bit loud crowded and it was kind of a bummer. Claudia and I shared a tent and this was the first night in 3 nights that I actually got a little bit of sleep.


Leo Law said...

Nice picture in the wild

Anonymous said...

We actually skateboarded across that bridge a few weeks ago and bungeed naked from it last weekend. Still looks good to me. :)-