Saturday, August 05, 2006

Carmel Beach : Drakes Bay : Point Reyes

After camping, we continued on to Carmel Beach which was absolutely beautiful. We only got to stay for a few hours but it was so nice since hardly anyone was around. There were a few divers there on the beach since the water had warmed up a bit and the skies were perfectly clear. If you are looking out from the beach, there are 2 points- the one to the right I was told was very rough to dive since there was a 10,000 foot drop off pretty close to shore. The point to the left however was very nice to dive with thick kelp forests and plenty of sea life. I have to do that dive next time I am there and they get this kind of weather. From Carmel Beach we headed to Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey for a really late lunch. Again, a beautiful day on the water. After lunch we headed back to San Francisco and the next day went to Drake's Bay where they have unbelievable oysters. People travel a long way to get oysters here to bring back or come with their own shucker and eat oysters by the water. It was a lot fo fun but next time we need to come prepared-- we need to bring lots of beer and crackers since all you can literally buy there are oysters- and maybe a postcard or two. Oh- and if you have the need for oyster shells, there are a lot of those as well that you can pick up. We headed on from there to an inlet on Point Reyes where many come to spend the day at the beach and the tide pools. There is a restaurant there that was a bit pricey. Recommendation #2 is to bring a picnic basket with food so you can have lunch on the beach. Here they only served organic everything- including the gingerale and cokes that we bought that were 2 bucks a can. Although we did get served because later on found a regular coke machine hiding in the corner. It was great to have Alli there hanging out with us for the day even though Dave couldn't be there with us! I am sure there will be a next time... soon.