Monday, August 21, 2006

The Getty : Fridays on the 405

Once a month, they have live music at The Getty (for free!) in the courtyard and they call this series "Fridays on the 405". It's great because like The Hollywood Bowl, you can bring in your own food, blankets, etc.. just no liquor, and set up your own picnic and enjoy live music! Check out the pictures of what the venue looked like- it has amazing views of LA! Again, a beautiful night -- just perfect weather, a nice little breeze and good friends all together- you can't beat that. Ron and I met Vanessa, my girl Norah and Josh and some other friends and everyone was super cool. It was a great group- her sister Stephanie brought Peter and Andrew and Peter was a riot. Vanessa's friend Kacie and her boyfriend and also her acupuncturist, Claudia (who I need to go see!). Here are some pics of us at the Getty.
We also met Pervesh and Aarti and their daughter Nikita (so cute!) and I have a feeling we'll be BFF.. they were super cool and live around there but are moving to West Hollywood so they will be closer to us! We had so much fun that night that we are planning a potluck at Vanessa's house (so nice of you to be the hostess!) after Labor Day. Nikita and Norah totally hit it off and they were sooo cute dancing together and copying everything each other was doing. We ate a TON, drank a ton of wine and danced until it was over... and even then we stuck around hanging out. The security guards finally had to come over and tell us to leave. We are definitely going to try and make it to every one of the "Fridays on the 405"! Next time, maybe try and sneak in some wine!

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