Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Good friends visit Cali

Well, after my week long trip with Cecilia all over the state of California, I met up with Maribeth who was actually in San Fran with my cousin Raela and they did a night long (6p-6a) walk for suicide prevention. My cousin lost her brother Jr. who committed suicide in college and has devoted her life to help raise awareness of this killer, especially among adults 18-24. To show you how dedicated Raela and her "Dream Team" are-they had to raise 3k for the walk and raised more like 13k!! I am so proud of them. Click here to read more about it. So MB and I drove from San Fran to LA and she spent almost a week with me! It was a ton of fun and I miss having her around so much. I really wish Raela could have made it down too. How lucky am I to have all these great friends come visit me in California!!! (I don't know what I would do without you guys).

Our week together was very eventful. The night we got in, we all went to this awesome Indian place right near Ron's place (1 block walk!) called Electric Lotus (my fav)! We then walked down to this pretty cool bar and had some drinks and Emma met us out. The next day we spent the most of the day in Santa Monica and my friend here Vanessa met us for some lunch and brought her beautiful daughter Norah! We did some shopping, had some lunch and enjoyed the beautiful day in LA! After we left there, we went downtown to the California Plaza for a free outside concert! From the outside, it just looks like a regular downtown building- but once you enter inside, the middle of the building has an awesome space for a stage and they set up chairs all around, a dancing platform on the right of the stage and there are 2 levels of seating. It had a little stream running across the bottom of the stage that was really cool. Here are some pics during the day and night. The group that we say is called thedaKAH Hip Hop Orchestra and Daara J play. It was a free show and they are a 60-piece symphonic ensemble that combines the electronic rhythms of hip hop with jazz and classical music. It was an AMAZING show. The one thing that I thought I was really going to lose leaving New Orleans was the culture and music scene so it was nice to see that there is so much culture here and sooo much free live music! It was a great time and Dena met us and we got to meet a few of her friends. We danced until we couldn't anymore...

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