Saturday, August 26, 2006

Hurricane Katrina: 1 Year Anniversary

Well, the only thing that I can think about lately is the one year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and I've had many flashbacks about that day... actually, this past year. Its unbelievable to think about what we went through and where we all are today. Many of us spread out all over the country with 1/2 or less of what we had before, living in new cities, trying to find new jobs, new homes and most importantly, a new network of friends and if you are lucky- hopefully you still have family close by. I am really lucky to be where I am today and wanted to thank everyone out there who has helped me, because I really couldn't of done it without you.

I was able to find a little group of friends here in Los Angeles, most of us relocating here after the storm for one reason or the next. I live with my brother and his girlfriend who has graciously let me stay in their spare bedroom until I get all the way on my feet- and I think I am almost there (cross your fingers that this potential job comes through!). I can't tell you enough how thankful I am to be in such a wonderful city, surrounded by wonderful people.

You try and find the good in what all has happened to us and at the end of the day, no matter what has happened- I know that I am lucky and blessed to be where I am. It was hard to see that up until recently, but things do happen for a reason and if you keep believing in the good things in life, then it just might happen and become reality.

All I have seen and read these past 48 hours has been nothing but coverage of the one year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, which is actually on Tuesday, August 29th. For those of you reading, I just wanted to post some television specials coming up that look interesting-- all looking back at this past year. I am sure it might be hard to watch, but if you are interested, here are a few:
- Anderson Cooper is doing a special on Hurricane Katrina TODAY, Saturday 8/26 (I am sure they will re-run this) Click here for more info on programming and time..
- Discovery Channel's Hurricane Katrina special: Sunday night 8/27 Click here for more info on programming and time.
- Spike Lee Flick "When the Levees Broke" Tuesday night 8/29, get ready because it's 4 hours long! Debuted in New Orleans at the Superdome, Click here for more info on programming and time.

Click here to see some pictures from one year ago. (Scroll down to the Hurricane Katrina albums). August 29th will always be a day of observance in my life and I am sure in many other lives. I will be thinking of all you guys that have been affected and that's about everyone I know. Know that you are in my thoughts and in my prayers and I send my love to you all.


rosalyn said...

Man, that's the second time I've cried today. The first time was when I got a package in the mail earlier from a very good friend. He sent me a framed copy of a poem he had written for me and had given to me as a gift seven years ago, which I lost in the flood. His thoughtfulness and inscription brought tears. So did your post. I too have been consumed revisiting pictures, articles, and memories of the catastrophe that changed mine, yours, so many lives.

Thanks for always being there for me, sis. Good luck with everything! I have no doubt that things are going to work out awesome for you out there!

Keep the faith and the strength! Love you!

rizanola said...

Ok, that makes 3 times I broke down today. Once when I was writing this, once listening to the NPR Katrina Series of stories of survivors displaced all over the country and now reading your post. I still can't believe we went through what we did and thanks too for being there for me. I know we will both have great things happen for us and more opportunities and be stronger because of this. I miss you Rose and I am here for you. I love you.

ele said...

Having flashbacks for those who lived throught Katrina would be normal. Over the next few days I would expect a lot of people reliving that experience. It will be very important to find someone to talk about your experience and don't try to stuff it or cover it up with substance. I have helped other reduce the intensity of their flashbacks and will to try and help you.

Anonymous said...

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