Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Landsailing in Lancaster with Eva

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of going to Lancaster and hanging out with my friend Eva, Lester and friends! It was such a great time and this was my first time in Lancaster and my first time landsailing! I got to Lancaster around 3:30 and we headed out to the lakebeds... it was a really cool drive out there and Eva and Lester were great tour guides!

We finally got out to the lakebeds and it was totally different than what I thought. I thought we were going to be in big sand dunes but its actually a huge lake that has dried up and since it had water on it (during the winter) its surface is super smooth. Check out this pic of the lake bed... you can see how smooth it is and because its so dry, it has cracks all in it and is a bit flaky. Eva and Lester unloaded the landsail and it looks just like a sailboat except with wheels and you steer with your feet! The skies were a picture perfect blue and the winds were on... perfect landsailing weather. Eva and I went first and we were whipping around the lake bed and covered almost 25 miles! We got up to over 40 miles per hour and did some 360s and slid all around! I went with Eva first and then Lester... (In the pic of me and Lester, check out the cool shadow of us and Eva taking our picture!)
We sailed until sunset... the sunsets there are so beautiful. They tell me that at night, when the moon is full- you don't even need lights out there because since there are no lights around, the moon is enough light to landsail! That would be so much fun! I can't wait until the next time we go!

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