Monday, August 07, 2006

San Francisco: Ti Couz : Filmore Street : Lands End

The rest of our time in San Francisco was a lot of fun. One night, we got a group together to go to Ti Couz, an awesome crepe place in the Mission. I secretly invited Jacqui and Polly, who used to work together but both haven't seen each other in years- and coincidentally I am friends with both and we made the 3-way connection a couple of months back. They were totally shocked to see each other and it was so awesome to see the look on Polly's face when she walked in and finally realized that Jacqui was sitting there. We had some awesome food, great cosmos and good times. Afterwards, we went bar hopping around the mission and stopped in this one bar with a cool mariachi band playing. Later that night, Cil and Ethan cooked up the oysters that we got from Drake's Bay. Actually, they were bold enough to grill them outside and Cil practically burned her hand on the handle of the grill!
The next few days I stayed with Jacqui and Suzanne (again, thanks guys!) and got to spend time with them and my girl Polly that also lives in the area. One day Suzanne even played hooky from work and we played on Filmore Street all day, enjoying the nice, warm weather in San Fran! Here's us at The Grove and then hanging outside of this cute coffee shop. Later in the day, Polly and I went hiking in Lands End and got to catch up a lot that day. It was more therapy than anything actually and Im thankful to have her to talk to. We did a nice trail and everything was so beautiful! After our hike, we headed to Polly's newly renovated pad (2 year work in progress) and I couldn't believe how the place looked when I walked in. The first time I was there, she had basically just got the place and none of the renovations had started yet. I love the open kitchen and all the windows! Take a look!
Looking forward to going back up and spending more time in the Bay area!

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