Thursday, September 28, 2006

In Seattle with Jesse

I made it to Portland last night, but I just spent the last few days in Seattle so I wanted to write briefly about my time there. Believe it or not- it was sunny and warm the whole time I was there, which is very unusual for this time of year! It wasn't rainy at all and it got up to 80 degrees every day.

I had a great trip with Jesse, another one of the RSD's and the picture you see was taken from the view of my room. The picture doesn't give the view justice though because the mountains and the water were so beautiful but you can't see them that well in the picture. Seattle is gorgeous this time of year and I was lucky to be able to tour around a little and the hotel was just a few blocks from the water and some touristy parts. After our day of meetings, Jesse and I did some shopping around Pike's place and then walked down to the Farmer's market which was closing up by the time we got there. But it was such a nice night, we walked around and then finally landed at PF Chang's which was absolutely delcious- can't go wrong there.

I definitely want to go back and visit Seattle but was glad that I got to experience the city just a little bit... and I did get my Starbucks everyday (Seattle is the home of Starbucks)!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Back from Sacramento, on the way to Seattle

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, things have been a bit crazy- ok, A LOT crazy. I had a great market trip with my boss Dave last week in Sacramento, going straight there from my trip to Miami with Jeff. I met with the NBC Station there, KCRA and also the CW affiliate (which is the new station, my network, a combination of WB and UPN which are no longer.)

This was my first trip with my boss and the first time I have been able to spend any time with him since I started 2 weeks ago. When they told me I would be "diving into the position" - they weren't kidding. I learned so much from Dave, as did Kim and Jeff and now am on my way to spend a few days with Jesse, another RSD. I have never been to Seattle so I am really looking forward to it.

So in between all of this traveling for work, I have also been involved in an instructor training at the gym. I signed up for this a month and a half ago when I was "jobless" and "looking for something to do" and man, it couldn't have come at a worse time. But unfortunately it is non-refundable and its something I have to do to be able to teach at 24-hour fitness. When will I have time to teach do you ask? Yeah, still trying to figure that one out, but at the very least- I will get a free membership to the gym so you can't beat that. The training has been pretty brutal- not hard, just really, really long days. I was in this training the past two weekends, both Saturday and Sunday. Here is a picture I took with my camera phone and it was taken at the last day. They gave us all our certificates and the woman in the picture is Julia, who won an award for "best overall"! The best part about the training was meeting such great people and I feel like I have made some great friends including Tonya, Angela, John, Johnathan and Regina... but they were all super sweet.

Hope everyone has a great work week and I will post more soon!

Monday, September 18, 2006

In Miami with Jeff

I made it to Miami today at 6pm, just in time for our client dinner at 7! I am here with Jeff Gallop, one of the other Regional Sales Directors, shadowing him on his appointments the next couple of days.

Its really refreshing to be back in the "south", although Miami feels a bit like LA, especially the view outside of my window- to see the water and the palm trees. Tonight we went to dinner at a really nice restaurant close by that was delicious and I met his clients, Sue and Minerva and we had a great time at dinner. Minerva's birthday is actually tomorrow so the dinner turned out to be a "birthday" celebration! As weird as it may sound, it was nice to be around people who are from "hurricane country" and can feel my pain this past year... years really. I felt like they really understood where I was coming from and its been some time since I've felt that. Even though I just met them tonight, they already feel like friends and I thank them for welcoming me into their city--- and that goes for Jeff too. He has been their rep for 6 years and its just as much his home too.

I will be here for a few days and then off to Sacramento. These next couple of months will be crazy travel, not to mention this instructor training that I signed up for a month ago (before I knew I was going to land this job!) at 24 hour fitness and that consists of 3 very long weekends, both Sat and Sun all day. I am just trying to get through "all" the training and hopefully life will slow down. Right now, its definitely worth all the work and thanks to all my family and friends for their support.

Good night for now.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Back from Detroit

So tonight, I just got back from a few days in Detroit and I think I must have made the weather gods mad along the way because it rained the entire time I was there... and of course cleared up and was nice by the time I was heading to the airport! I arrived there on Tuesday afternoon and it started to rain pretty lightly and then by the next day it was raining really hard. It was actually raining so hard Wednesday that on the way home from the last appointment, it turned into hail (1/2 an inch to an inch size balls) and the interstates and roads started to flood! I had flashbacks... by the time I got to the hotel around 5pm, I turned on the news and on the same interstate I just traveled on had a 40 car pile up that just happened! Thank god we left when we did. Funny thing was that the meeting ended because there was so much rain and lightning that the client's entire office lost power!

I shadowed another RSD, Kim, on this trip and his station is the NBC station in Detroit. It was really great to watch him present and listen to him on these client meetings. His plans changed at the last minute so I couldn't spend the entire day with him on Wed- he had to fly out to New York- but at least I got to see his presentation style and learn some things about our company. The next day Dave flew in from Minneapolis and I got to sit in on a really nice presentation with him.

Its nice to be out and about with these other reps and start really learning about what I am supposed to do and I've also met alot of great people on the way. Now, I have to focus on getting my own apartment (on my down time) and I have a feeling it may be a month or so until that happens. I am also going through an instructor training at 24-hour fitness... so just trying to get it all in! Next week, I am in Miami and Sacramento and it will be pretty hectic the next two months!

Its all been really crazy and so many things happening at once- but its keeping me on my toes! Being out in the different markets and being on these calls is really getting me excited to be back in the business! I didn't take any pictures on this market trip but will definitely take some on the next! Hope everyone has a great weekend... I am going to bed.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Meet my "new family"... Internet Broadcasting!

I just returned from Minneapolis tonight from a trip that was supposed to be an overnight stay but turned into a 4 day stay... which was a really good thing.

It all started when I got a random called from a "Dave" who was with this company, Internet Broadcasting (IB), who I never heard of before. They were searching for a Regional Sales Director to handle their west coast stations/properties for them- and there are about 12 total. These are made up of different television stations (abc, nbc, fox, etc..) in different markets like LA, San Diego, San Fran, Sacramento, Portland, Las Vegas, Alq. New Mexico and the best market... Honolulu, Hawaii! Basically this person would travel to these places to help train their sales people on how to sell their sites and help close deals for the company. After a month long job search and getting very frustrated by the whole process, I was just about to give it a rest for a little while. I had found a couple of good job leads and even thought of changing careers totally, but didn't find anything that I was really truly excited about. Until this call.

I got the call Thurs 8/31, we spoke for a few minutes and he gave me his web address so I could have a day to do some research to find out what this company was all about. The next day, I called him back and told him I was interested in the job and would like to continue on in the interview process.

He actually found my resume on Monster and it was funny because I was just saying how I thought Monster was worthless because I felt like no one was calling me back or e mailing back after all the resumes I sent out. That following Tuesday, I had another phone interview and Friday, yet another one. That afternoon, I got a call that they wanted to fly me up to Minneapolis for a final interview.

Tuesday morning, I was on the 9am flight to Minneapolis and got there about 6pm. An old co-worker of mine from Tribune/ABC26 picked me up from the airport, took me to my hotel and then we headed downtown where he took me to eat at a really nice restaurant called Capital Grill. It wasn't a late night because I had to be up ready to go by 7:30am the next morning.

Dave, who is now my boss at IB, met me at the hotel the next morning and we had a really nice chat over coffee and then headed to the office where I had back to back interviews and meetings until 4pm that day. The people were very friendly and most importantly, looked very happy to be part of the IB family. IB just hired 50 people recently and continues to hire more and more people everyday. Its a young company, progressive and innovative and I knew that my background- working at ABC and is the perfect combination of experience to do this job. At the end of this day, my head was about to explode.. but the day wasn't over as I was meeting the sales team and a client that was in town for dinner and drinks. This reminded me of my tv days which I missed so much- it was fun being back in that team environment.

After 2 days of interviewing, I had 3 hours in my hotel room waiting for the call from Dave after he had all of his internal talks and meetings and finally my phone rang and he told me he wanted to offer me the job! I was so ecstatic I could barely contain myself. I headed over to IB and we went over my offer... and I was very, very pleased with what they offered!!! Dave then took me to Ciao Bella where the rest of the RSD's were to have a congratulatory dinner which was a ton of fun! Here is a picture of the team! To the right of me is Dave, my new boss! And then the far left is Catharine, Kim, Jesse and Johnathan (we are all spread out all over the country!). We are missing Jeff Gallop who couldn't join us this night- but I must say that everyone is great and totally funny... my stomach hurt at the end of the night from laughing sooo much! Dave then tells me that I start the next day!!! So today was actually my first day of work and it started at 8am for meetings with all the other RSD's from all over the country- there are 6 of us total and we had back to back meetings all day with many of the different departments and also with Peter, COO of the company. Again, information overload, but I was so excited to be there that I didn't care that my head was hurting or that I was starving... since we didn't eat lunch until 2pm! After a couple more meetings, I headed back to the airport to catch the 5pm flight back to LA.

Today has been one of the best days I've had in a long time and I can't tell you how excited I am to be part of this company... who I feel will be more like my "other" family. I needed something good to happen after this past year. I bonded with each of them pretty quickly and I can't tell you enough how much I admire and look up to my boss Dave and can't wait to be working under him. I feel it is an honor and know I will learn so much from him and this company to help me grow and further me in my career.

So you think I have been traveling a lot this past 6 months? Wait until you see my work schedule these next 6-8 weeks... stay tuned.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Back to Vegas with the fam!

I just got back from Vegas... my second time in a week! This is definitely the most I have ever been to Vegas in my life! I flew in on Saturday morning and it worked out perfectly because Wendy needed to catch her flight to ATL so we went to the airport together. You have to love the $53 one way flights to Vegas that you can reserve the night before because there are flights every hour on the hour, after all, its only a 45 minute flight away.

I met my mom and dad, my sister Rose and my brother Ron who drove there earlier in the week. We stayed at my cousin Merian's house who lives there with her roomate Kathy. My Uncle Nick and Auntie Annie and cousin Noah drove up from San Diego so we had a house full... but it was a ton of fun! During the short two-day stay... we tried to pack in as much as we could. First and foremost was going to see my mom and dad's new house! We all jumped in my Uncle Nick's van and headed to the house which was about 25 minutes away from Merian's. Their house is in a brand new subdivision called Angeline, next to a bunch called Waterfalls. The area is totally new and developing everyday. There is a huge casino going up literally across the street from the subdivision which is so nice and in a few years, their property value will sky rocket. A post office, pharmacy and little fast food places are popping up around the area- soon it will be its own little community. Here is a picture of my mom's house from the outside. Check out the cool courtyard in the front of the house and there is also a huge iron gate that you open to enter this courtyard.
Inside, it has 5 bedrooms and 4 baths and the kitchen is amazing! Granite everything and gas stove, all new appliances and you have to love the electric fireplace! They did such a great job building the house with cool arches, lots of built in shelves for storage (very practical) and every inch of the house is utilized. Its a beautiful home and hopefully they will get a chance to live there if they wanted to. Right now, they are going to opt to rent it out until they make a decision on what they want to do.

We also spent a lot of time eating (man I miss filipino food!) and shopping - I think we went to 3 different malls in one day and it was packed everywhere in Vegas! Oh.. and some karyoke-- mom was dancing and it was so hilarious! Merian's house is awesome, you can see the strip from her back balcony and we spent our nights on the patio, drinking wine, talking and laughing! It was so much fun!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Wendy Visits LA

After Glen Ivy, Wendy and I had a pretty packed week. Here are some highlights from our time together! We definitely had a ton of great meals and here is a picture of us at a sushi restaurant right by Ron's house that is so delicious-- San Sui. After dinner, Wendy and I met up with my friend Jane to go see Libby and Joan play again at Genghis Cohen. We didn't stay too late because I had a phone interview the next day but it was so much fun to go and hang out with Jane (as always!). Oh and Libby and Joan really rocked out this night... it was their last time playing at this venue together so it was a ton of fun.
We also met up with our friend Dena one night and had dinner at the Electric Lotus (rockin' Indian food) and it was so awesome to spend some time together and hang out and tell childhood stories.

We then went to go see our friend Cory (the 4 of us went to high school together!)play in his band at an awesome venue off Sunset called El Cid (they have live flamenco during the week!). Dinner was a ton of fun, we all talked non-stop and Cory's band rocked! They play blue grass music and were so much fun to watch and to dance to. I'm hoping we catch another set soon.

The same night, JP (Emma's brother) was in town for work so stopped at the house for a bit and thankfully I got to catch him. I wish I could have spent more time together but it was fun to see him for the time I did.

The last night Wendy was in town I took her to The Getty for the September "Off the 405" Friday night. It was 4 times as packed as the last one we went too, because of Jamie Lidell playing and also because of Labor Day weekend. Regardless, it was a beautiful night and we had a nice time.

After the Getty, we met Dena out at a place called "Air Conditioned" and one of her friends manages the place. It was such a cool little joint, serving wine and cheese and also a full bar. After that, we went to the Arsenal and got stupid and danced for a while... blowing it out for Wendy's last night in town.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Heaven on Earth:Back to Glen Ivy

Ok- I have an addiction. I can't stop going to this place. I think its the greatest place ever and if I could go everyday, I would. Every time someone comes to town, I have to take them here because you wouldn't believe it if you didn't go. If you haven't been to Glen Ivy (and you like the spa thing), you really need to go.

As you may know, Wendy is here visiting for the week and I am showing her around LA so that hopefully, she will move here. She's been talking a lot about it so I might have just about talked her into it! Of course, I had to take her to Glen Ivy. Its a farther drive than I usually like to take, but its really worth it. We stayed for almost 7 hours this day and we could have stayed longer. Yes, spa junkies. We soaked in the mineral baths, did "Club Mud", layed out, had an awesome lunch and steamed a lot. Here is Wendy doing Club Mud! Its great because you are in your bathing suit all day and there seems to be no worries when you are here. Here are some pics of us from the day... don't we look relaxed? Good times.