Thursday, September 14, 2006

Back from Detroit

So tonight, I just got back from a few days in Detroit and I think I must have made the weather gods mad along the way because it rained the entire time I was there... and of course cleared up and was nice by the time I was heading to the airport! I arrived there on Tuesday afternoon and it started to rain pretty lightly and then by the next day it was raining really hard. It was actually raining so hard Wednesday that on the way home from the last appointment, it turned into hail (1/2 an inch to an inch size balls) and the interstates and roads started to flood! I had flashbacks... by the time I got to the hotel around 5pm, I turned on the news and on the same interstate I just traveled on had a 40 car pile up that just happened! Thank god we left when we did. Funny thing was that the meeting ended because there was so much rain and lightning that the client's entire office lost power!

I shadowed another RSD, Kim, on this trip and his station is the NBC station in Detroit. It was really great to watch him present and listen to him on these client meetings. His plans changed at the last minute so I couldn't spend the entire day with him on Wed- he had to fly out to New York- but at least I got to see his presentation style and learn some things about our company. The next day Dave flew in from Minneapolis and I got to sit in on a really nice presentation with him.

Its nice to be out and about with these other reps and start really learning about what I am supposed to do and I've also met alot of great people on the way. Now, I have to focus on getting my own apartment (on my down time) and I have a feeling it may be a month or so until that happens. I am also going through an instructor training at 24-hour fitness... so just trying to get it all in! Next week, I am in Miami and Sacramento and it will be pretty hectic the next two months!

Its all been really crazy and so many things happening at once- but its keeping me on my toes! Being out in the different markets and being on these calls is really getting me excited to be back in the business! I didn't take any pictures on this market trip but will definitely take some on the next! Hope everyone has a great weekend... I am going to bed.

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