Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Back to Vegas with the fam!

I just got back from Vegas... my second time in a week! This is definitely the most I have ever been to Vegas in my life! I flew in on Saturday morning and it worked out perfectly because Wendy needed to catch her flight to ATL so we went to the airport together. You have to love the $53 one way flights to Vegas that you can reserve the night before because there are flights every hour on the hour, after all, its only a 45 minute flight away.

I met my mom and dad, my sister Rose and my brother Ron who drove there earlier in the week. We stayed at my cousin Merian's house who lives there with her roomate Kathy. My Uncle Nick and Auntie Annie and cousin Noah drove up from San Diego so we had a house full... but it was a ton of fun! During the short two-day stay... we tried to pack in as much as we could. First and foremost was going to see my mom and dad's new house! We all jumped in my Uncle Nick's van and headed to the house which was about 25 minutes away from Merian's. Their house is in a brand new subdivision called Angeline, next to a bunch called Waterfalls. The area is totally new and developing everyday. There is a huge casino going up literally across the street from the subdivision which is so nice and in a few years, their property value will sky rocket. A post office, pharmacy and little fast food places are popping up around the area- soon it will be its own little community. Here is a picture of my mom's house from the outside. Check out the cool courtyard in the front of the house and there is also a huge iron gate that you open to enter this courtyard.
Inside, it has 5 bedrooms and 4 baths and the kitchen is amazing! Granite everything and gas stove, all new appliances and you have to love the electric fireplace! They did such a great job building the house with cool arches, lots of built in shelves for storage (very practical) and every inch of the house is utilized. Its a beautiful home and hopefully they will get a chance to live there if they wanted to. Right now, they are going to opt to rent it out until they make a decision on what they want to do.

We also spent a lot of time eating (man I miss filipino food!) and shopping - I think we went to 3 different malls in one day and it was packed everywhere in Vegas! Oh.. and some karyoke-- mom was dancing and it was so hilarious! Merian's house is awesome, you can see the strip from her back balcony and we spent our nights on the patio, drinking wine, talking and laughing! It was so much fun!

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