Friday, September 01, 2006

Heaven on Earth:Back to Glen Ivy

Ok- I have an addiction. I can't stop going to this place. I think its the greatest place ever and if I could go everyday, I would. Every time someone comes to town, I have to take them here because you wouldn't believe it if you didn't go. If you haven't been to Glen Ivy (and you like the spa thing), you really need to go.

As you may know, Wendy is here visiting for the week and I am showing her around LA so that hopefully, she will move here. She's been talking a lot about it so I might have just about talked her into it! Of course, I had to take her to Glen Ivy. Its a farther drive than I usually like to take, but its really worth it. We stayed for almost 7 hours this day and we could have stayed longer. Yes, spa junkies. We soaked in the mineral baths, did "Club Mud", layed out, had an awesome lunch and steamed a lot. Here is Wendy doing Club Mud! Its great because you are in your bathing suit all day and there seems to be no worries when you are here. Here are some pics of us from the day... don't we look relaxed? Good times.

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