Monday, September 18, 2006

In Miami with Jeff

I made it to Miami today at 6pm, just in time for our client dinner at 7! I am here with Jeff Gallop, one of the other Regional Sales Directors, shadowing him on his appointments the next couple of days.

Its really refreshing to be back in the "south", although Miami feels a bit like LA, especially the view outside of my window- to see the water and the palm trees. Tonight we went to dinner at a really nice restaurant close by that was delicious and I met his clients, Sue and Minerva and we had a great time at dinner. Minerva's birthday is actually tomorrow so the dinner turned out to be a "birthday" celebration! As weird as it may sound, it was nice to be around people who are from "hurricane country" and can feel my pain this past year... years really. I felt like they really understood where I was coming from and its been some time since I've felt that. Even though I just met them tonight, they already feel like friends and I thank them for welcoming me into their city--- and that goes for Jeff too. He has been their rep for 6 years and its just as much his home too.

I will be here for a few days and then off to Sacramento. These next couple of months will be crazy travel, not to mention this instructor training that I signed up for a month ago (before I knew I was going to land this job!) at 24 hour fitness and that consists of 3 very long weekends, both Sat and Sun all day. I am just trying to get through "all" the training and hopefully life will slow down. Right now, its definitely worth all the work and thanks to all my family and friends for their support.

Good night for now.

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