Friday, September 08, 2006

Meet my "new family"... Internet Broadcasting!

I just returned from Minneapolis tonight from a trip that was supposed to be an overnight stay but turned into a 4 day stay... which was a really good thing.

It all started when I got a random called from a "Dave" who was with this company, Internet Broadcasting (IB), who I never heard of before. They were searching for a Regional Sales Director to handle their west coast stations/properties for them- and there are about 12 total. These are made up of different television stations (abc, nbc, fox, etc..) in different markets like LA, San Diego, San Fran, Sacramento, Portland, Las Vegas, Alq. New Mexico and the best market... Honolulu, Hawaii! Basically this person would travel to these places to help train their sales people on how to sell their sites and help close deals for the company. After a month long job search and getting very frustrated by the whole process, I was just about to give it a rest for a little while. I had found a couple of good job leads and even thought of changing careers totally, but didn't find anything that I was really truly excited about. Until this call.

I got the call Thurs 8/31, we spoke for a few minutes and he gave me his web address so I could have a day to do some research to find out what this company was all about. The next day, I called him back and told him I was interested in the job and would like to continue on in the interview process.

He actually found my resume on Monster and it was funny because I was just saying how I thought Monster was worthless because I felt like no one was calling me back or e mailing back after all the resumes I sent out. That following Tuesday, I had another phone interview and Friday, yet another one. That afternoon, I got a call that they wanted to fly me up to Minneapolis for a final interview.

Tuesday morning, I was on the 9am flight to Minneapolis and got there about 6pm. An old co-worker of mine from Tribune/ABC26 picked me up from the airport, took me to my hotel and then we headed downtown where he took me to eat at a really nice restaurant called Capital Grill. It wasn't a late night because I had to be up ready to go by 7:30am the next morning.

Dave, who is now my boss at IB, met me at the hotel the next morning and we had a really nice chat over coffee and then headed to the office where I had back to back interviews and meetings until 4pm that day. The people were very friendly and most importantly, looked very happy to be part of the IB family. IB just hired 50 people recently and continues to hire more and more people everyday. Its a young company, progressive and innovative and I knew that my background- working at ABC and is the perfect combination of experience to do this job. At the end of this day, my head was about to explode.. but the day wasn't over as I was meeting the sales team and a client that was in town for dinner and drinks. This reminded me of my tv days which I missed so much- it was fun being back in that team environment.

After 2 days of interviewing, I had 3 hours in my hotel room waiting for the call from Dave after he had all of his internal talks and meetings and finally my phone rang and he told me he wanted to offer me the job! I was so ecstatic I could barely contain myself. I headed over to IB and we went over my offer... and I was very, very pleased with what they offered!!! Dave then took me to Ciao Bella where the rest of the RSD's were to have a congratulatory dinner which was a ton of fun! Here is a picture of the team! To the right of me is Dave, my new boss! And then the far left is Catharine, Kim, Jesse and Johnathan (we are all spread out all over the country!). We are missing Jeff Gallop who couldn't join us this night- but I must say that everyone is great and totally funny... my stomach hurt at the end of the night from laughing sooo much! Dave then tells me that I start the next day!!! So today was actually my first day of work and it started at 8am for meetings with all the other RSD's from all over the country- there are 6 of us total and we had back to back meetings all day with many of the different departments and also with Peter, COO of the company. Again, information overload, but I was so excited to be there that I didn't care that my head was hurting or that I was starving... since we didn't eat lunch until 2pm! After a couple more meetings, I headed back to the airport to catch the 5pm flight back to LA.

Today has been one of the best days I've had in a long time and I can't tell you how excited I am to be part of this company... who I feel will be more like my "other" family. I needed something good to happen after this past year. I bonded with each of them pretty quickly and I can't tell you enough how much I admire and look up to my boss Dave and can't wait to be working under him. I feel it is an honor and know I will learn so much from him and this company to help me grow and further me in my career.

So you think I have been traveling a lot this past 6 months? Wait until you see my work schedule these next 6-8 weeks... stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Hey Riz-

Congrats on the new job! Sounds like you have jumped right into it - not much time to transition from vacation mode to work mode! Looking forward to hearing more about it when you have the chance to catch up! When are you heading out to Honolulu?


Anonymous said...

Rock on Riza! does this mean you will have to come to Austin>??? Come see us! we will have a room for you in May! Amy