Monday, September 04, 2006

Wendy Visits LA

After Glen Ivy, Wendy and I had a pretty packed week. Here are some highlights from our time together! We definitely had a ton of great meals and here is a picture of us at a sushi restaurant right by Ron's house that is so delicious-- San Sui. After dinner, Wendy and I met up with my friend Jane to go see Libby and Joan play again at Genghis Cohen. We didn't stay too late because I had a phone interview the next day but it was so much fun to go and hang out with Jane (as always!). Oh and Libby and Joan really rocked out this night... it was their last time playing at this venue together so it was a ton of fun.
We also met up with our friend Dena one night and had dinner at the Electric Lotus (rockin' Indian food) and it was so awesome to spend some time together and hang out and tell childhood stories.

We then went to go see our friend Cory (the 4 of us went to high school together!)play in his band at an awesome venue off Sunset called El Cid (they have live flamenco during the week!). Dinner was a ton of fun, we all talked non-stop and Cory's band rocked! They play blue grass music and were so much fun to watch and to dance to. I'm hoping we catch another set soon.

The same night, JP (Emma's brother) was in town for work so stopped at the house for a bit and thankfully I got to catch him. I wish I could have spent more time together but it was fun to see him for the time I did.

The last night Wendy was in town I took her to The Getty for the September "Off the 405" Friday night. It was 4 times as packed as the last one we went too, because of Jamie Lidell playing and also because of Labor Day weekend. Regardless, it was a beautiful night and we had a nice time.

After the Getty, we met Dena out at a place called "Air Conditioned" and one of her friends manages the place. It was such a cool little joint, serving wine and cheese and also a full bar. After that, we went to the Arsenal and got stupid and danced for a while... blowing it out for Wendy's last night in town.


Roger Jr said...

I like Jamie Lidell! His cd's good.

michelle said...

Cool! You went to El Cid! The Procussions' manager used to run that place, and that's where we did the 13-hour photo shoot for the album jacket when I worked for them in LA.