Tuesday, October 31, 2006

My home office

I am working on getting settled in my new place in Venice Beach but since I don't have internet yet or direct TV, I go to my other "office" which is basically Vanessa's living room! It has been nice getting up in the morning and coming over here for work- I definitely get much more done here because I can focus on my work (and not my apt!) and knock stuff out. It will be sad once I do get set up at home because since Vanessa works from home too and is in the on-line world, I can bounce stuff off her and she knows all about the tech side of things, which I have only scratched the surface. She has been a great help and I've learned a lot from her from the short time I have been working here! Just wanted to give her a shout out and I think even when I do get set up, I will still come over here and work at least one day a week!!!!