Friday, October 20, 2006

San Francisco with Kim

This has been quite an eventful week. As you know, last weekend I moved into my place so I have been trying to get settled in, which includes trying to find furniture to fill my place, and still trying to learn my job and get my travel under control. Things are coming along- slowly but surely.

Right now, I am in San Francisco heading back to Los Angeles and I've been here since Tuesday meeting with the NBC station here. Kim, one of my co-workers, used to handle this market so he is here with me handing off the station to me and doing meet and greets with the sales team. I have learned so much these last couple of days with Kim and with every market trip I am feeling a little bit more comfortable with my job. I know I still have a lot to learn but there is no doubt that I will always have a lot to learn in this job, where things change by the minute.

On this market trip, Kim and I were able to get out and explore a bit and one night, we went to the Sheeba Lounge for Ethiopian food, its on the corner of Filmore and Geary. There is live music there and although the service was a little slow, the ambiance was nice, the people are great and the food was very good. Although we were exhausted from a very, very long day- we had a great time.I was able to spend a little bit of time with my brother and my friend Jackie while I was here. We went to this great tapas place last night called Ramblas (hope I spelled that right) and again, the food was terrific! We then headed over to Cafe Revolution and again, because it was such a long day- we made it an early night- not to mention that I had an 8am flight back to LA! Its great to be able to go to these markets with the other reps and it will really suck when I have to travel on my own. But I am lucky to have some great markets and at least have some family and friends in the places that I go!

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