Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Its a small world

Finally, a girls night out! These pictures were actually taken last weekend when Vanessa, Stephanie, Dena and I went to a really nice dinner at Beachwood right down the street where I live (delicious martinis!) and then headed out to Abbott Kenney for a few more drinks! It was a really fun night and randomly, we met someone from New Orleans! Turns out that he saw Vanessa's driver's license while we were waiting in line to get in and then stopped us on our way out. His name is Sam and he works at Kaiser with Emma... and we found this out when he told us he used to live in New Orleans and was a resident here. I knew the odds were pretty high that they knew each other. Then I told him that I used to live in the Los Feliz area with Emma and then he said, are you Riza? He knew Emma and Ron and put two and two together and there you have it... It just shows you what a small world we live in, even being in LA.

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