Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Kayaking in Redondo Beach

This past Saturday, my friend Eric and I tried to venture out to do some kayaking in the pacific. We were all psyched and Eric found the place to rent the kayaks on the Redondo Beach pier, which is really close to where he lives in Hermosa Beach.We met Ron and his friend Melissa at Tony P's, a great sports bar on the water in Marina Del Ray before we headed to Redondo beach. We walked along the pier which was hopping with cute bars, restaurants and shops and at the end there is a kids playground. They have paddleboats you can rent, different excursions you could go on like glass bottom boats, etc.. and kayaks.We step up all ready and comes to find out, we can't take the kayaks out of the harbor! We were bummed but we took the kayaks out anyway because there is about a mile of harbor where you can paddle along the banks and see all the boats, check out the restaurants from the water and the best was getting close to these platforms where there were a ton of seals! It reminded me so much of the galapagos but these were some of the biggest I had ever seen. I got really close and parked my kayak and they started going crazy. Then I saw a duck caught in fishing wire so I helped untangle him... my good deed for the day.

It was a ton of fun that day and I recommend it to anyone who lives out here- go check it out! I've decided though that I am going to buy my own kayak and take it out in the pacific next time.