Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Stephanie's Birthday

Last Saturday night, it was Stephanie's birthday (sorry for this post so late on my blog, but nonetheless-- here it is!) Right after that crazy night, I had to jump on a plane to San Francisco and am actually writing this from Sacramento (I'll be back in LA tomorrow night!). We had such a great time! We started at Geisha, a fantastic sushi restaurant in Hollywood and got to meet all of Steph's awesome friends. Funny thing was that there were 4 of us that were Filipino and one girl that was 1/2 japanese and 1/2 chinese, Erin, but you know- we were all family! I do have to give a shout out to our token "white girl" Mori... she can totally hang and was a ton of fun! I also got to see Casey, who I met on one of the first weekends I was in LA at the Getty and hadn't seen since. We hit it off when we first met and I just love her to death. Stephanie is so lucky to have such genuine people in her life who she has shared with me and who are so incredibly funny! The other girls were really cool and here is a shot of us at dinner at Geisha. We had some fancy drinks, did some shots and at the end, they brought out a nice little birthday treat for Steph- that we all devoured. We were almost too full to dance.... so we got up and started walking to the next destination.
We ended up getting on a list for a bar called The Mansion.. and it certainly didn't look like that from the outside! We patiently waited for our person to come get us and bring us in and we got seated in the "reserved" section (I know, we are so important). We danced for hours, laughed a lot and had many drinks! After our feet were too tired to move anymore... we found ourselves at "Pink's", yes, I did say Pink's. I pass by this place all the time and every time we pass it, there is a line wrapped around the place... ALWAYS! Ask anyone in LA about Pink's and they will know exactly what you are talking about...and its literally like a hot dog stand, sort of like a bigger "lucky dog stand" in New Orleans! We ate every bite of our hot dogs and were really ready to get in bed and pass out! It was such a great time and Vanessa, I can't wait until your birthday! Can you say Philippines? We should do it!

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