Thursday, December 14, 2006

Dena's Event & The Dust Bowl Cavaliers

This past weekend, I went to a holiday party that my friend Dena put on to showcase some of their artists they represent. She has a business partner Anne have a business together called D & A Fine Arts. It was a fabulous party and the art was really amazing! I am so proud of her and the company she has built and all of her successes. She is one of the hardest working women in show business and I really admire her drive.
After the party, we headed to Molly Malone's bar to see our friend from high school, Cory Rouse, play with his band, The Dust Bowl Cavaliers. It was so great to not only see Cory and his band play, but to hang out with my pepes from Pensacola! Here is a picture of us after the show and Cory is putting on his best "model" face. He is hilarious.

Cory and his band just released a new CD-- they did a tribute to Tenacious D and the album is called BLUEGRASS WRECKS THE MUSIC OF TENACIOUS D: THIS IS JUST A TRIBUTE. They had their CD release at Amoeba music here in Los Angeles and you have to check out the CD! It's awesome... and Cory sings one of my favorite tracks! Support your pepes from good ole P'cola and click here to purchase the CD. I can't wait until the next show Cory and I still owe you dinner soon!

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