Saturday, December 16, 2006

My new friend Ellina

I just got back from Albuquerque, New Mexico a couple of days ago and it was a great trip! The station that I work with there is the ABC affiliate KOAT and the team there is so great and inviting! It is definitely a station I feel at home with and the people are just so nice and I love the town... and Santa Fe too. It helps that I have such a close friend there - Jay, who you met from a previous post - and now I have gotten to know someone who I work with a little better and her name is Ellina. It's crazy how much we have in common -- from things we eat, to our habits and just all around really. Its so nice to meet new people on the road that you can connect with and someone who is very genuine and real. We don't meet these kind of people everyday so when I do, I really try not to take that for granted.

After the hurricane, one thing I really learned is that you can't take anything for granted... especially family, friends and just sincere people you meet in everyday life. Now that I am out here in Los Angeles and my network of family and friends hardly exists compared to what I had in New Orleans, I realize now that friends and family in your life are the most important... and trying hard to become a better friend.

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