Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A New Orleans' Christmas

Ok, so I know that I have been really bad at posting but with the holidays upon us, its been crazy trying to spend time with family and friends before I leave to go back to Los Angeles.

My friend from New Orleans, Vanessa, threw an awesome Hanukah/Kawanzaa/Christmas party or as she says... HanuKwanzaaMas... with a little New Orleans flavor. They have a cute little house in Carthay Circle (my old office!) and it was a blast! Stephanie threw the party with her and it was fun to see some "new friends" that I had just met through them very recently and its so nice for her to share her friends and family with me. Everyone is so nice and down to earth. One of my favorites is her friend Rick who is just full of spirit and great advice. He is such a great friend to have and looking forward to getting to know him better. Here is a picture of him and the girls... I also got to meet Vanessa's Dad for the first time, although I've met her mom once before, and other people that I've heard about so much before but never met. Ron and Emma also came to enjoy some good food and drinks and it was nice to see them since its rare to see them these days! So- speaking of the food... Vanessa worked so hard on the food-- the gumbo, awesome veggies, the New Orleans cheese roll thing (that I loved!) and the best of all- the cookies! I actually have to give myself and Steph some credit for those though because we baked all night the night before and decorated the cookies practically in our sleep. It was nice to be around good friends and I really enjoyed meeting new ones. Thanks for throwing a great party and can't wait until the next one!

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