Sunday, January 28, 2007

Diving in Catalina : Day 2

Well, today was much clearer than Saturday! I was so excited to wake up to bright sunshine and it was definitely warmer this day. Ok, so the water wasn't warmer, but at least we had sun to warm up. We started off with another big breakfast and we were a bit tired today from our crazy night the night before... ok, so it wasn't too crazy but I do think I had a little too much wine. It was a beautiful day this day-- the sun was out in full effect and it was going to be so much nicer to get out and warm up than it was yesterday. The dive this day was much more beautiful- it makes such a difference to have the sun peaking through the kelp beds and the visibility always is so much better. Thank goodness our wetsuits dried pretty much all the way so it wasn't too bad getting back in them. The water seemed a tad (just a tad) bit warmer today but I think it just seemed like that because the sun was out, although this time I could feel my feet the entire dive! CP took some great shots this day and my favorite shots are the ones he took 1/2 in the water and 1/2 out of the water. See this one with Nathan about to get in and you can see Casino Point behind him-- very cool. The next one that I love is this of the kelp.. he took it really close up and it looks like it was taken with a black background in the back but these were all taken on the same dive. This would be awesome as a screen saver! Very beautiful.
This next shot was of Emma and I trying to get this sea star that was living in the can out of there! Emma found the can to bring back to the surface but this guy just wouldn't come out... I really hope that one day you guys can experience Catalina Island. I know I've blogged about this a couple of times already, but it really is a beautiful, relaxing place to get away from the hustle and bustle of LA... actually, anywhere. The water here is beautiful, the island itself is gorgeous and the people are very friendly. Check out the cars of Catalina! Mostly everyone here has golf carts- and there are different levels of golf carts (some are really tricked out)- and then there are some cool little cars like the ones in the picture below. I haven't really ventured off Avalon but I hope to camp on the other side of the island next time around. If you ever want to go, let me know and I will take you there in a heartbeat!

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Anonymous said...

Great blog, Riz. That was a very fun trip.

I look like the Michelin Man there in my unzipped drysuit, lol.... but I am not complaining, mind you, since i was the only one that wasn't cold... :-)

It was great getting to hang out with you....