Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Griffith Observatory

After a few days of gray, cold weather, we finally got a great day of sunshine, clear skies, although still a bit chilly. I planned a day to go up to the Griffith Obserbatory located in Griffith Park in the hills, next to where Ron lives in Los Feliz. It sits up high in the hills and overlooks all of Los Angeles and you can see the whole city from all angles. It was so clear this day that you could see out to the beaches and up in the mountains. It was so beautiful. The observatory just re-opened after being closed down for a couple of years due to renovations. There are a few places where you can park and take a shuttle and I reserved us a space on the shuttle that left from the Greek theater (an outdoor amphitheater which is great to see live shows) and took you up to the top of the hill where the observatory was. Inside, there is a planetarium which was really neat and had a 40 minute show that you could buy tickets to. There is also a full on space exhibit that teaches you all about the planets and the design is just amazing. There is also an outdoor cafe where you can sit and enjoy the beautiful views. Its free admission to get inside and I recommend everyone going and experiencing this! Here are some pics of Mike and I on one side and my friend Tim and I in front of the Hollywood Sign- these backgrounds look fake! I met Jane, Paul, Jason and their friend Andrew there and I hadn't seen them in so long (they are from New Orleans but have lived in LA for 10 years or so). Here is a picture of Jane and I before going into the show! You might also recognize the photo below... this is the place where Demi did that fight scene in Charlie's Angels which was actually the last movie filmed here after it was closed for renovations. I had to blog this pic! So, if you come to visit me- I will definitely take you up there!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm surprised at how few high-rise buildings L.A. has in its downtown core... at least, compared to NYC and Toronto.

Tim said...

Looks pretty cold for LA