Thursday, January 04, 2007

Nate comes to visit!

This past weekend, it was a very nice surprise to see my good friend Nate, who I lived with for a bit in New Orleans post-Katrina (I still owe him huge for that!). We met through a mutual friend who I used to dive with at the Aquarium and have been great friends since... he's practically part of our family! He was out visiting his parents and family for the holiday in San Diego and then spent the New Year here in Los Angeles. It has been over 6 months since I had seen him last but when I saw him, it was just like we saw each other yesterday. Because he grew up in San Diego and went to college in Santa Barbara, Nate was practically a native of LA... although don't let him drive too much because he will go postal on you! It was nice to have him here- it was like old times. One day, we went running on the beach (like we used to at Audubon Park) and you just couldn't beat the weather that day (ok, so you can't beat the weather everyday really).

We spent a couple of days together and it was so great to catch up. One night, we went to get some sushi and then saw some live music and Ron met us over here in Venice Beach.
I also got to meet his friend Miranda who I've heard so much about. I met her briefly one time when she visited New Orleans (she actually went to law school at Tulane) but this was the first time I really got to sit and talk with her. She lives here in Los Angeles and its always great to meet someone new and I hope that we are able to hang out more and become friends. She is hilarious and we had a great time that night. I can't wait until Nate can come out again, although I have a feeling I will see him in New Orleans before I see him here. I'll be there in April for Helen's wedding and I am so excited about seeing everyone! Come back and visit anytime Nate and know that I miss you very much!