Monday, January 01, 2007

Ringing in the New Year

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope that everyone had a nice New Year's day and weekend and got to spend it with family and friends. Unfortunately, I was far from mine and with my dad being sick, it made me really sad. My dad was rushed to the ER a couple of days ago and turns out that he has bronchitis and pneumonia so please keep him in your prayers. He is back home now with the family and Rose, Rach and Roger are there helping out taking care of my dad and cooking and its nice to know that my mom has some help right now. I really wish I could be there with them, but I hope they know I am with them in spirit.

This was a nice New Year's weekend.... my friends were nice enough to spend time with me and keep me busy so I didn't focus on my dad being sick and being so homesick. Saturday, Dena and I spent the day riding our bikes and did a nice run in Venice, heading up to Santa Monica. It was a beautiful day and since I haven't worked out in so long, it felt good to run! Then my friend Nate called and he drove up from San Diego to spend some time in LA and hang out for New Years. Nate met us at my place and we got him a bike and we went back down to the beach, stopping at The Terrace Cafe for a yummy, late lunch. Afterwards, we biked around the area, stopped for coffee and then took all side streets back to get back to my place. It was fun exploring the area and checking out some really cool houses. For New Years' Eve, Dena and I met up with Vanessa, Stephanie and friends at Milord and Cecil's house for a New Year's house party. It was great fun and thanks to Milord and Cecil for throwing a great bash with great food, fun party favors, awesome drinks and the best was the delicious table of deserts! Thanks for having all of us over.. we had so much fun! Now, I just have to nail down my new year's resolutions... (yes, plural!).


Anonymous said...

Hey, you're wearing a coat in pic #1... is it that cold in California in December?

rizanola said...

It was pretty chilly.... during the day, you can still get away wearing shorts but at night, it gets cold!