Friday, February 09, 2007

Kenneth and Rese

Kenneth and Rese
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I was in Austin and met up with Kenneth and Rese, old friends from New Orleans! It was so nice to see familiar faces and the last time I saw them was when i was in New Orleans. It was so refreshing to see them and I just miss them both so much, I miss all my good friends from back home. Its really crazy that we are all over the country now, post Katrina. I know that I blog about this subject all the time, but its just unbelievable what has happened to all of us.

We talked about how much we try and live this "normal" life and "be happy", those memories of what happened seem to always linger. How much time is enough time to "get over it"... well, we just can't put a time limit on it. And that's ok. But it helps to talk to people who really understand what we went through and I can count on Kenneth and Rese to do just that. I hope to come back and visit more often! I hope that anyone that is reading that went through the devastation knows that we all feel your pain and that I am here for you.

As hard as things are, I just want Kenneth and Rese to know how proud I am of them to pick up and make a new life for themselves in Austin. You both are so beautiful inside and out and I'm glad to have you in my life. Don't ever lose touch and know that I love you very much!