Tuesday, February 27, 2007

San Francisco

Ok, so I am noticing that lately I am starting off every blog entry with, "I know its been a long time since I've posted anything.." but it's been just a bit crazy lately that I haven't been able to catch up. So this week and weekend, I plan to post a bunch, so keep visiting!

A couple of weeks ago, (man, I can't believe a couple of weeks have already come and go), I went up to San Francisco to visit my friend Cecilia, along with my brother Roger and the rest of the San Fran gang. Cecilia and I planned our trips there to SF at the same time so it worked out very nicely! We packed a lot in while we were up in the bay area and got to spend time in Oakland and Berkley as well.

I got up on Saturday and Jon was actually in town for the weekend as well! We stayed at his brother Dave's house (and wife Alli) in Oakland and had a nice time hanging out at the house, went to one of their friend's house party and walked around the market on Sunday by the water. They have a cute, cozy home and I just loved the hard wood floors and the awesome backyard with the killer hot tub! It was so nice to spend some time with them. We even went for a run in the neighborhood which was really hilly and was steeper than it looked! On Saturday night, we went into the city and had dinner all together and met up with Roger and Jacqui... it was a ton of fun and so good to see everyone!
After the weekend, I had my meetings for work in the city and after work one day, I was able to finally meet up with Polly! She came with me out to dinner but because there were so many other people around, it was hard to get any one on one time with her, but I am hoping to do that again the next time I am there. Polly- this time, I am staying with you so we can just hang out and chat all night! Can't wait to see you guys in San Fran again soon!

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