Friday, March 23, 2007

Rose, MB, Jeni and Helen come to town!

Well. the start of the bachelorettte party weekend has started! My sister Rose, Maribeth and Jeni (in the picture above and who we grew up with in Pensacola) and Helen arrived in town! Its so exciting to have everyone come in town and its really nice to be able to host this for Helen. MB and Jeni came in town for fashion week which just so happened to be the same time that the other girls were coming in for Helen's party. Jeni just opened up her own boutique called Studio B in Pensacola so is here to scout out the latest fabrics and fashion!
We've already had a great week, going to comedy night at the World Lounge Cafe on Main Street in Santa Monica and before we went out, Rose and I did a small performance at my place -- I played the guitar and Rose sang! It's always so much fun to just hang out at the house with some wine and some good tunes!
We've been exploring the west side, biking down to the beach and my friend Vanessa met up with us for lunch one day-- we went to the Library Ale House also in Santa Monica (really close to where I live) and if you are local, you have to go check it out! The food is sooo awesome and the ambiance is great! Stay tuned for more fun!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Jane's Baby Shower in Santa Monica

Well, the baby is due very soon and we celebrated in Santa Monica at Kathy's house, Jane's very dear friend. She had her shower on a beautiful Saturday afternoon and although I have been to Santa Monica many times, I had never been to the hills part and her house was tucked back in this beautiful part of the city up on a hill. It was a super baby shower and her artist friend drew this poster of Jane and it was used on all the invitations and on the party favors they gave out (these cool purple chinese take-out boxes where they printed out a small version and put them on the boxes). She is super talented and very creative! The food also was the bomb- I could live off shower food!
She also got this cute fleur de lis baby bib... too cute! Jane's born and raised in New Orleans (and that's how I met her- through a mutual friend) so you can't forget the fleur de lis! Kathy was also wearing a French Quarter shirt in honor of Jane! You can take the girl out of New Orleans but you definitely can not take the New Orleans out of the girl! Thanks for including me in on the celebration and I can't wait until the baby comes... and Jane- I'm serious... call me to come babysit! If I am in town- I am totally there....

Monday, March 19, 2007

Cory doing Improv!

Cory Doing Improv on Vimeo Here is just a small clip of part of Cory's performance doing improve at Ghengis Cohen. I wish I could have loaded the whole performance because it was really funny! It's really amazing how talented these comics are to just make stuff up on the fly... they make it look so easy! Enjoy!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Ghengis Cohen & The Dustbowl Cavaliers!

Ghengis Cohen is located on FairFax near Santa Monica Blvd and not only has a cool restaurant where you can enjoy gourmet New York-style Szechuan Chinese cuisine (very delicious!) but has a cool little room in the back where they have bands/artists/stand-up comics come do their thing. Just recently, my friend Cory not only did improv, but the same night his band performed as well! A group of us went to enjoy the gourmet Szechuan cuisine before the show but the service was a bit slow so Cory just had a few bites and had to get ready to go. Here are some pictures of Vanessa and Josh, then Yung, Josh and myself and Mike and Christine at dinner. After dinner, we headed to go see Cory and friends do Improv which was hysterical! My favorite was when Cory was being "interviewed" by this other comic and another guy had to translate their whole conversation for deaf people. Here are some pics and I will have to post a video soon because it was too funny! After Improv, the band came on and they rocked as always! Cory's voice is awesome and the band is just so much fun to watch. Again, we had a great time - everyone had so much fun! Their next performance will be at O'Brien's Pub in Santa Monica next Thursday! If you are here in LA, come join us!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Me and Jers in Vegas!

These are some pictures when I was in Vegas to see Jerson! This is the first time since high school really that we have been able to just spend time together and catch up (minus the quick time I saw him at Rach's house!). It was so much fun and I got to see his place at the MGM Grand-- he just bought a condo there in these luxury condo towers that went up right next to the MGM Grand and attaches to the casino so you never have to go outside! I don't have pictures of the condo, but trust me- the place is unbelievable! Here is a typical Jerson-style photo. We went to dinner one night in the casino and for desert - they sent us "complimentary" little desert things... we could barely see it on the plate! It was too funny so we had to take a picture of it. Needless to say, we made friends with the couple next to us and it was this girls birthday so we "graciously" gave her our desert! Good times...

Sunday, March 11, 2007

The El Rey Theater, Venice and Santa Monica Beach!

John and Judy (Emma's dad and step mom) came to visit LA and we had such a great time! One night, we went to The El Rey Theater (my first time there!) to see The Submarines play with Josh Ritter and they were both amazing performances! The El Rey is an old, historic art deco theater built in 1936 and it has a cool lobby leading into a grand ballroom with a nice stage and every seat in the place is a good one! Blake (the blonde in the photo) and Emma knew each other from Vermont so that is how we got to know of this band. Eva came with me to meet up with Ron, Emma, John and Judy and at the end of the show, we got a picture with The Submarines. Another day while they were in town, we spent the day in Venice Beach, biking along the strand and stopping by places like "Muscle Beach" and seeing all the shops and random musicians on the strand. It was such a nice day out so we biked all the way to the Santa Monica Pier and parked our bikes to walk around and explore. There was a huge memorial set up in honor of the soldiers who have died in Iraq and they were filming some sort of tribute on the beach. It was really amazing to see and there were a ton of people on and around the pier watching. After we left Santa Monica, we biked back through Venice and got to catch a glimpse of a local "drum line" of a local high school in the area and they were awesome! It's always a treat to bike through Venice and see some very interesting music and some very interesting people! There is never a dull moment on the strand!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

My pad here in Los Angeles!

Hey guys! Hope that everyone is doing well... just wanted to blog some pictures of my place since we are all over the place and I know its hard for you to come and visit.... I took some pics so you can see!
The pics above are my pictures of my living room, right when you walk into my front door. Do you see the painting on the wall in the picture on the left hand side above the lamp? It's this painting I bought in the Philippines and I just got it framed! The space is a bit small, but nice and cozy and I feel really comfortable living here. These are pics of my kitchen and dining table and it was a challenge to get a dining table to fit that space but stumbled upon this table at West Elm (great store if you are looking to buy some contemporary furniture!) I actually cook quite a bit and the set-it-and-forget-it has been getting quite a workout! Here are pictures of my bathroom- one is a full bath that is in between the bedrooms and the other one with the light green bathroom mat is a half bath that is in my bedroom.
These last two shots are of my bedroom and also my "office" where I work from when I am not traveling. These rooms have a little ways to go but at least they are comfortable in that I actually have somewhere to put my clothes and a desk now to work from! I have an extra futon that lays down to a bed and a couch if you guys ever want to come and visit. I am trying to get my mom and dad out here sometime after Easter so stay tuned! Hope everyone is well and I love and miss you all!

Friday, March 02, 2007

A Fun Weekend in LA

There are so many places to experience here in Los Angeles and every weekend, I try to look for new and fun things to do in the area- which isn't hard to do. Last weekend, I had one of my most fun weekends in the city and am starting to understand why there are like 15 million people who live here now. Yes, traffic is an issue and real estate is out of control, but it's interesting to see how people here live the way they do and put up with the things they put up with. Ridiculous or not, it's fun to be here and experience the things that the city has to offer and that's what I did last weekend.

On Saturday, my friends Dena, Yung and I went to Runyon Canyon which believe it or not is right in the heart of Hollywood! You wouldn't believe it if you didn't see it but they had me park at a Ralph's grocery store on Sunset Bvd. "What?" I say! They told me not to worry and meet them there. We walked up this hill that lead to the entrance of the canyon. Once you entered inside, you thought would have driven hours north somewhere in the country to get to a place like this! We hiked for an hour an a half all throughout the canyon and sometimes, having to get on our butts to go down some places that were so steep. I felt like I was back trekking Salkantay in Peru! There were plenty of peeople enjoying the hiking and the beautiful weather and I think I saw every breed of dog you could name. So after the hike, we went back down to Sunset and walked into the Guitar Center (yeah.. in the same walk!) and saw the rocker's hall of fame and went in to play with all the instruments for a good hour! Dena played the eukelel for us (who knew?) and Yung got her guitar re-strung. I met Michael Hayes-- who is soon-to-be my guitar teacher! He will never replace Troy... but I gots to get those bar chords down. The nearest open mic night is waiting for me.. yeah, right. The next day we went to play beach volleyball down the street from where I live on Venice Beach. We met about 10 other people (our new friends!) and played for over two hours. Even though it was chilly and cold when we first started playing, the sun busted out right as we were finishing! Nice... just in time for the Oscars party!Ok... so only in LA... but the Oscars here are like the Super Bowl anywhere else! My friend Rikk (who I met through Vanessa) has a phat (yes, "ph") pad right on Ocean Drive in Santa Monica that has the most amazing views. Lucky Rikk... he gets to wake up to the ocean every day (which is my goal... I want to be Rikk when I grow up!) He had these ballots we had to fill out to guess who wins and we had a pool going. Everyone brought some yummy food, which I ate wayyyy too much of, and lots of wine was consumed. It was so nice to have our friends together to make fun of all the stars and drink to our hearts content! Good fun! I hope this weekend will be as productive and fun... looking forward to our volleyball game this Sunday on the beach! For those of you who live out in LA... come join us!