Friday, March 02, 2007

A Fun Weekend in LA

There are so many places to experience here in Los Angeles and every weekend, I try to look for new and fun things to do in the area- which isn't hard to do. Last weekend, I had one of my most fun weekends in the city and am starting to understand why there are like 15 million people who live here now. Yes, traffic is an issue and real estate is out of control, but it's interesting to see how people here live the way they do and put up with the things they put up with. Ridiculous or not, it's fun to be here and experience the things that the city has to offer and that's what I did last weekend.

On Saturday, my friends Dena, Yung and I went to Runyon Canyon which believe it or not is right in the heart of Hollywood! You wouldn't believe it if you didn't see it but they had me park at a Ralph's grocery store on Sunset Bvd. "What?" I say! They told me not to worry and meet them there. We walked up this hill that lead to the entrance of the canyon. Once you entered inside, you thought would have driven hours north somewhere in the country to get to a place like this! We hiked for an hour an a half all throughout the canyon and sometimes, having to get on our butts to go down some places that were so steep. I felt like I was back trekking Salkantay in Peru! There were plenty of peeople enjoying the hiking and the beautiful weather and I think I saw every breed of dog you could name. So after the hike, we went back down to Sunset and walked into the Guitar Center (yeah.. in the same walk!) and saw the rocker's hall of fame and went in to play with all the instruments for a good hour! Dena played the eukelel for us (who knew?) and Yung got her guitar re-strung. I met Michael Hayes-- who is soon-to-be my guitar teacher! He will never replace Troy... but I gots to get those bar chords down. The nearest open mic night is waiting for me.. yeah, right. The next day we went to play beach volleyball down the street from where I live on Venice Beach. We met about 10 other people (our new friends!) and played for over two hours. Even though it was chilly and cold when we first started playing, the sun busted out right as we were finishing! Nice... just in time for the Oscars party!Ok... so only in LA... but the Oscars here are like the Super Bowl anywhere else! My friend Rikk (who I met through Vanessa) has a phat (yes, "ph") pad right on Ocean Drive in Santa Monica that has the most amazing views. Lucky Rikk... he gets to wake up to the ocean every day (which is my goal... I want to be Rikk when I grow up!) He had these ballots we had to fill out to guess who wins and we had a pool going. Everyone brought some yummy food, which I ate wayyyy too much of, and lots of wine was consumed. It was so nice to have our friends together to make fun of all the stars and drink to our hearts content! Good fun! I hope this weekend will be as productive and fun... looking forward to our volleyball game this Sunday on the beach! For those of you who live out in LA... come join us!