Wednesday, March 07, 2007

My pad here in Los Angeles!

Hey guys! Hope that everyone is doing well... just wanted to blog some pictures of my place since we are all over the place and I know its hard for you to come and visit.... I took some pics so you can see!
The pics above are my pictures of my living room, right when you walk into my front door. Do you see the painting on the wall in the picture on the left hand side above the lamp? It's this painting I bought in the Philippines and I just got it framed! The space is a bit small, but nice and cozy and I feel really comfortable living here. These are pics of my kitchen and dining table and it was a challenge to get a dining table to fit that space but stumbled upon this table at West Elm (great store if you are looking to buy some contemporary furniture!) I actually cook quite a bit and the set-it-and-forget-it has been getting quite a workout! Here are pictures of my bathroom- one is a full bath that is in between the bedrooms and the other one with the light green bathroom mat is a half bath that is in my bedroom.
These last two shots are of my bedroom and also my "office" where I work from when I am not traveling. These rooms have a little ways to go but at least they are comfortable in that I actually have somewhere to put my clothes and a desk now to work from! I have an extra futon that lays down to a bed and a couch if you guys ever want to come and visit. I am trying to get my mom and dad out here sometime after Easter so stay tuned! Hope everyone is well and I love and miss you all!